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Baseball Classics Premium Edition customer reviews…

“Just want to say thank you for a great game.  I played Strat-o-matic for over 40 years and your baseball game is so much better!”

“Your player cards are truly the best of the best.”

“Premium edition is absolutely great!!!”

“I love your game! It has become my favorite baseball game. I also appreciate the way that you take care of your customers–something that your competitors fail to do. The premium cards are a fantastic addition. Keep up the great work!!”

“…very nice! Great that they are bigger and much easier to read, and I like the lineup advisor on the back.”


Amazing All-In-One Strategic Game Play Design

Baseball Classics® has elevated the MLB board game play with our latest innovation to bring fans a player card design that delivers 2 games in 1 in a single glance plus introduces Lineup Advisor built using artificial intelligence so you can create the best lineups and make keen substitutions until the final out!

Whether you choose to play vs. Lefty/Righty or vs. Both (overall) performance ratings, our highly statistically accurate gaming engine generates ratings for every player and graphically displays them for your simplest ease of use.  Handling each card feels like a perfect fit in your hand because they’re the size of a household poker card (3 1/2 by 2 1/2 inches). The colorful, easy to read design is edge-to-edge giving you the most value possible along with super fast game play you can take with you just about anywhere!

Baseball Classics Premium Edition features Lineup Advisor on the backside of every player card.  Never before has a board game company taken on the challenge to turn mere stats into valuable insights to help you manage every MLB game you play start to finish.

Top-to-bottom, front-to-back you’ll have everything any MLB manager would want immediately at his fingertips to make all the right decisions that will give his team the best chance to win.  No other baseball board game card comes even close.  Take a look at the comprehensive, fully featured attention to details in our Premium Edition.


2019 MLB Season Game Changer

All-New Real-Time Pitching!

With Baseball Classics 2019 MLB Season Premium Edition game, you’ll be able to play pitch-by-pitch with amazing realism. Get real and play with Real-Time Pitching! Just like you watch at the ballpark or on TV, you can play with balls, called strikes, swing & misses, foul balls, bean balls, wild pitches, or find out what happens when the ball is put in play. Baseball Classics All-Time Greats Franchise and 20th Century Premium Edition games MLB player cards now also have Real-Time Pitching!

It’s optional game play, but once you play with Baseball Classics Real-Time Pitching, you’ll ALWAYS want to play that way. You’ll see!

NO CHARTS to look up either, everything you need is built-in our Premium Edition player cards for the 2019 MLB Season. Yes, we used it for our game-by-game simulation of the 2019 MLB World Series where Baseball Classics accurately projected the Washington Nationals would win 4 games to 3!

Baseball Classics is the ONLY baseball board game company to offer MLB fans:

In the near future, many other Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB teams 1901-Present will include Real-Time Pitching.

Put Together The Game You Want

Better yet, Baseball Classics is the only baseball board game where you can get and play any MLB teams in any ballparks 1901-Present!

Simply use our exclusive Build-A-Game to put together the Baseball Classics game you want.  Choose Premium or Standard Edition and get the MLB teams you want to play.  You can even get the full, deluxe Boxed Game Parts or slim, convenient Travel-size game box.

There’s also great optional add-ons including Baseball Classics Real-Time Decision Manager & Ballparks where you can play your teams in the ballparks they did 1901-Present!

It’s easy, simply choose the Baseball Classics game edition you want and build what you want the way you want it.

Start building!

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