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“I don’t want to beat the proverbial dead ball, but your game is a big “HIT”.  It’s Field of dreams, The Natural and Eight men out, dice rolled into one! Thank you very much!”
 — Col. A. Lara, Baseball Classics customer


Extraordinarily Easier & Fastest Game Play

Baseball Classics® rewards players with accurate, speedy gameplay, and true MLB realism.

Get ready to enjoy playing anywhere and anytime – just grab our player cards and go! Handling our cards is easy because they’re the size of a standard business card (3 1/2 by 2 inches). Smaller cards allow for faster playing and are extremely portable.

Baseball Classics player cards are intentionally designed to easily review any MLB player’s strengths and weaknesses in a single glance.  You’ll be able to make the right managerial decisions when players are at bat, on the mound, in the field, or on base.

Baseball Classics player cards arrive printed double-sided, in full color, on premium card stock with smooth rounded corners. We put a lot of thought into our player card design, including the backside featuring our official Baseball Classics logo.

They’re also available for download from Baseball Classics Store or popular Baseball Classics Cloud

Color-coded, accurate player ratings with 32 batter & pitcher stats!

Starting in the upper-left corner of any player card, you’ll see the player’s full name, season, and team name. The custom icon indicates if the player is a batter or pitcher.

Also on the left side, Bats on batter cards indicate batting style using arrows and color coding; a left-handed batter is red, a right-handed batter is green, and a switch-hitter is yellow. Similarly, Throw on pitcher cards indicates throwing style; a left-handed pitcher is red and a right-handed pitcher is green.

Next, each position player card lists bunt, steal, and run using color-coded ratings. The Intermediate Play Level section explains the fielding ratings which are found to the right of each position player card.

At the heart of every Baseball Classics player card, player results – which are based on their actual seasonal performance – are displayed using our simple color coding system. Hits (e.g. single, double, triple, and home run) are green, walks are yellow, strikeouts are blue, and all other outs are red. Batter and pitcher cards contain a whopping 30 season statistics. The Roll column correlates to the sum of rolling the 3 traditional dice (3 through 18).

Every Baseball Classics player card is generated by running player stats through hundreds of time-tested algorithms that ensure superior statistical accuracy, so players perform as they did that actual season.

Within 5 Seconds You Know How To Play

Baseball Classics Standard Player Cards Edition are intentionally designed to easily review any MLB player’s strengths and weaknesses in a single glance.  Baseball Classics clean layout allows for faster, easier MLB play.

Each player card is beautifully designed with single-column results, loaded with stats. Brilliant smooth surface finish with rounded corners neatly fitting in the size of a standard business card.

Another way MLB fans love getting any MLB teams 1901-Present is purchasing Baseball Classics PDF download games.  All Baseball Classics Standard Player Cards Edition download games have straight easy trim edges as shown here making it easy to print & play!

They come complete with a full set of Baseball Classics games parts to print as well.  Enjoy the complete next generation experience here too as all the same color-coding is also throughout player cards and game parts.

Up to One Millionth of a Percentile Statistical Accuracy!

Every MLB team 1901-2019 in Baseball Classics Standard Edition cards add a dramatic element of extra suspense & precise statistically accuracy results up to within one millionth of a percentage point to your game play by potentially changing outcomes in the Batter or Pitcher Result column shown with any of the following circle symbols: • or ⦿ or ◎

For example, a roll of 10 on Willie Stargell’s 1971 Baseball Classics Standard Edition card shows Double•.  In this case, the six-sided dice are rolled once more.  If they are sum to 10 again, the result is a Double, otherwise it’s a Lineout.

No other game comes close to delivering this level of statistical accuracy!

To learn more about how to play with the circle symbols, download the latest Baseball Classics Standard Edition Field Manager’s Rulebook here and see how how easy it is to play.

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