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“I love the game! every season available quick fast play excellent quality cards I recently received two seasons and just ordered 7 more! The game delivers every promise you made. Thanks for making such a great game!”  — Rich Gusman, Baseball Classics customer


Easy and Fast with Pinpoint Statistical Accuracy


How to Play Baseball Classics

Play Baseball Classics® solo or with 2 players managing the opposing MLB teams. The game action is so real that you’ll feel like you’re on the dugout’s top step managing all your favorite players. There are 3 play levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can simulate fielding, bunting, base stealing, base running, hit and run, pitching fatigue, and more. Virtually anything that can happen in an MLB game, can happen while playing Baseball Classics!  Click here to download our full-color Baseball Classics Quick Start Infographic which shows you how to play.

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Color Graphic Design Makes it Easy

Everything in Baseball Classics is designed from the ground up in full color-coded ratings. Everything!

From our crystal clear player ratings to each game part, Baseball Classics is super easy to play.

In a glance, Baseball Classics player cards’ color-coded ratings make creating MLB team lineups easy. Build lineups quickly based on each team’s strengths and your management style. Our color codes reveal all: speed, power, fielding, base running, on-base performance, bunting, and strikeouts. You can choose to counter the other team’s strengths and poke at their weaknesses.

Super Fast Game Play

Just like in MLB, in Baseball Classics there’s always a dual between the current pitcher on the mound and batter at the plate. Our gameplay is lightning fast; from the first pitch to the final out.

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Our competitors still force outdated looking, bloated text-based chart
s to play. That’s not our style. Baseball Classics’ Game Play Chart is only 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ and fully color-coded to speed your gameplay.

Try Baseball Classics right now!  Simply sign up here for your FREE 1-month trial inside the Baseball Classics Cloud.  No fees.  No commitment.

Baseball Classics Next Generation Game Play

Baseball Classics’ beautifully color-coded next generation board game play gives MLB fans ages 8 and up the ultimate gameplay flexibility. It is enhanced by modern technology for fast, easy, and statistically accurate gameplay. Anywhere! Anytime!  Baseball Classics is the only baseball board game offering every MLB team and season played from 1901 to present. That’s 119 MLB seasons, 2,500+ MLB teams, and 61,000+ players! Every player rating is based on their actual performance that season to deliver true statistical outcomes calculated through thousands of algorithms and hundreds of tests.

Since 1987, we’ve provided over 1 million Baseball Classics player cards to baseball fans worldwide.  Shop our store and play any of your favorite MLB teams from 1901 to present!