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“I love the game! every season available quick fast play excellent quality cards I recently received two seasons and just ordered 7 more! The game delivers every promise you made. Thanks for making such a great game!”  — Rich Gusman, Baseball Classics customer


The Fastest, Easiest, Most Realistic, and Authentic MLB Board Game Play

1-Column Player Results & Color-Coded Play Makes It The Fastest

Baseball Classics was developed with super fast game play in mind.  If you’re like us, you’ll want to play as many games as possible.  With our next generation streamlined game play, most every at bat outcome with only 1 dice roll.

You’ll love playing using our classic wooden, iconic batter/pitcher die with 4 color-coded six-sided dice.  This unique combination gives you the ability to manage your game play action swiftly.  For example in 1 roll of the dice, the batter smacks a Single with a runner on 1st base:  Using that same roll, you’ll know which player fields the ball, whether he committed an error, and if you chose to send the runner to 3rd, if he’s safe or out.  We even built an online version of our Scorefield game board, dice, and all Game Play Chart Cards you can play on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop which makes your game play twice as fast! 

Our competitors and others that copy their format, still use outdated looking, bloated, black & white text-based charts to play. That’s not our style. Baseball Classics’ Game Play Charts are standard poker card size and fully color-coded to speed your gameplay.

Color Graphic Design Makes It The Easiest

Everything in Baseball Classics is designed from the ground up in full color-coded ratings. Everything!

All player cards are fully color-coded.   Hits are shaded in green, walks in yellow, strikeouts in blue, and all other outs in red.  Thus, in a glance, you’ll know each player’s strengths and weaknesses at bat.  We made sure it’s easy to know how to play right away by color-coding all their player capabilities revealing: speed, power, fielding, base running, on-base performance, bunting, and strikeouts.

Since you can manage and play and MLB teams 1901-Present, we thought you could use a bench coach.  That’s why we devised an algorithm that determines who typically starts, their main position in the field, where to bat them in the lineup…and for pitchers their go-to starters and relievers including when to typically bring them in.  We call this Real-Time Lineup Advisor because it suggests who to play and when to play them throughout your game.  Naturally, this makes lineup building, player substitutions, and bullpen management even easier!

Here’s How Fast & Easy Playing BC Is

Let’s use this showdown between 2022 World Series Champion Houston Astros, Jose Altuve and 1968 ERA Champion 1968 St. Louis Cardinals, Bob Gibson.

Altuve rocked 28 Home Runs, but was a high strikeout risk indicated by “Strikeout” ROLL’s of 11 and 12 in his RESULT column Baseball Classics player card.  Gibson has “Strikeout” peppered throughout his card.

However, Altuve hit for a solid average that is represented by a good amount of hits scattered on his card including good DOUBLE and HOME RUN power.  Gibson is unlikely to surrender those, but could give up a SINGLE with a common ROLL of 14.

The rest of the story is told about both their player cards as you look at the other color-coded player ratings in green, yellow, blue, and red.  Also, you could play with balls & strikes to make this truly authentic showdown using Real-Time Pitching (RTP column)!

Yet, let’s skip that and roll the dice to see what the RESULT of this at bat will be!

A roll of dice are batter icon die, and the 4 six-sided dice are 3, 2, 6, 1.  Thus, we refer to Altuve’s card and sum those six-sided dice which is a total of 12.  The RESULT is Strikeout.

It’s that Fast and Easy!  If you wanted to play with fielding, it would be a simple reference to that Game Play Chart Card using the same roll.

You can instantly download a complete set of Baseball Classics FREE game parts to Print & Play (PDF) here.  This includes our Field Manager’s Rulebook (complete game play instructions featuring all 3 playing levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced (where virtually anything in an MLB game can happen!)

Play Solo or Against An Opponent

Play Baseball Classics® solo or with 2 players managing the opposing MLB teams. The game action is so real that you’ll feel like you’re on the dugout’s top step managing all your favorite players. There are 3 play levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can simulate fielding, bunting, base stealing, base running, hit and run, pitching fatigue, and more. Virtually anything that can happen in an MLB game, can happen while playing Baseball Classics!

Baseball Classics Next Generation Game Play

Baseball Classics’ beautifully color-coded next generation board game play gives MLB fans ages 8 and up the ultimate gameplay flexibility. It is enhanced by modern technology for fast, easy, and statistically accurate gameplay. Anywhere! Anytime!  Baseball Classics is the only baseball board game offering every MLB team and season played from 1901 to present. That’s over 120 MLB seasons, 2,600+ MLB teams, and 62,000+ players! Every player rating is based on their actual performance that season to deliver true statistical outcomes calculated through thousands of algorithms and hundreds of tests.

Since 1987, we’ve provided over 1 million Baseball Classics player cards to baseball fans worldwide.  Shop our store and play any of your favorite MLB teams from 1901 to present!

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