More Than Just A Pretty Face

“Thank you for a game that I actually enjoy more than Strat-O-Matic. You guys make the best game out there.”
— Scott Jenkins

“I love the game! every season available quick fast play excellent quality cards I recently received two seasons and just ordered 7 more! The game delivers every promise you made. Thanks for making such a great game!”
— Rich Gusman

“I don’t want to beat the proverbial dead ball, but your game is a big ‘HIT’……It’s Field of dreams, The Natural and Eight men out, dice rolled into one! Thank you very much!”
Col. A. Lara

Simply put, the best game going and I have played all!!
Douglas Love

Have been playing board baseball games since 1963.  Your game is not only fun, it is accurate, quick, and outstanding in it’s appearance. The fact that I can get any team or league since 1901 is amazing.”
— David Urban

I have been a Strat O Matic player for 25 years but after ordering your 1980 set…just could not put it down!!
Christopher Decker

I think this game is terrific. I believe it is the best table-top baseball game on the market. It’s ease of play combined with the easy to read card lay-out makes it a winner! I have played All-Star Baseball, Strat, Program IV Baseball, The Baseball Card Game…
Ken Sell

“Your player cards are truly the best of the best.” — John Kuchar, TBC Games

How Does Baseball Classics Compare To Strat-O-Matic?
Will our Baseball Classics® 2016 Chicago Cubs Kris Bryant card produce different or similar outcomes as Strat-O-Matic?

The answer is revealed below.

Since both board games use a 50/50 batter-pitcher system, we factored this into the analysis.

The percentages reveal the probability of a particular Result (e.g. Home Run) when a dice roll refers to Bryant’s batter card. Naturally, the analysis often shows a higher probability if a pitcher card is factored in.

Baseball Classics gameplay rolling 1 binary and 3 traditional dice and then referencing 1 column for each batter or pitcher card (1 out of 216 possible rolls).

Strat-O-Matic play requires rolling 1 traditional dice, then 2 other traditional dice, and referencing 3 columns per card (1 out of 108 possible dice rolls). This is half as many dice roll possibilities than Baseball Classics.

Only when a play incorporates their 20-sided die (it’s not always required) can their player cards provide a probability outcome that rivals Baseball Classic.


Baseball Classics Stratomatic

Though Baseball Classics and Strat-O-Matic approach gameplay differently, the player card possibilities are very much alike.

Note: the Strikeout probability listed above is not a typo or duplicate, both cards are identical for this category.

Here’s how we calculated the Home Run probability for Baseball Classics’ Kris Bryant card.

To score a Home Run on his card your roll must total to 7 or 17. The probability of rolling a 7 with 3 traditional dice is 6.944%, and a 17 is 1.389%.

6.944 + 1.389 = 8.333

Divide by 2 to factor in the 50/50 batter-pitcher system.

8.333 / 2 = 4.166%


Our Baseball Classics player cards with its single-column layout and color-coded ratings were designed from the ground up for fast, easy, and statistically accurate next generation baseball board game play!

MLB Fans Love Baseball Classics!


Thank you for the great game. I believe right now Baseball Classics is rivaling my long time favorite Strat for the monopoly of my baseball playing time.”  — Mark Vander Andean 

Just finished a replay of the 1954 World Series between the Cleveland Indians and New York Giants. Much like the actual series, the Indians suffered from a lack of clutch hitting and lost in seven games after having won the first three games. Al Dark and Dusty Rhodes were the hitting stars for New York, and Antonelli won two games, including a game seven 3-0 victory, with Grissom getting the save. Wertz, Avila and Smith hit .300 or better for the Indians, but Rosen and Doby failed to do much, as was the case more than 50 years ago, when the heavily favored Indians collapsed. Dark batted .406 with 13 hits, and Rhodes, like in the past, hit a crucial home run. Many thanks your great, easy-play game.”  — Howie Luxenberg

“…Baseball Classics continues to lead the way in the best simulation on the market.”

“I have tested some of the latest tabletop baseball games on the market and Baseball Classics is the bar that all other games strive for. Baseball Classics: Best Price, best system, best teams, and best playability!  I have put Baseball Classics in the Tabletop Baseball Game HOF.”

“After discovering your game a couple of weeks ago, I spoke of it on a forum devoted to baseball board games. This resulted in four persons who bought and download the game + one of these like it so much that he will order one directly from you pretty soon!!”

“…I have played Strat-O-Matic and Extra Innings for many years, but it is great to play a game that is fast, fun and accurate.”

“This game is very addictive. I love it.”

“I am really enjoying the all-time greats game edition. Just looking at the cards for each team really brings back some memories.”

I greatly appreciate the work that your team has done in providing a great easy tabletop baseball game.”

“I am really enjoying the All-Time Greats game edition. Just looking at the cards for each team really brings back some memories.” “I greatly appreciate the work that your team has done in providing a great easy tabletop baseball game.”

“Thank you for your quick response. I will recommend Baseball Classics to my friends.”

“Thanks again for an awesome game, and a very enjoyable hobby.”

“So far i have played 2 games with my new game and i really love it. Big chances that your game become one of my favorite.”

“…wanted to let you know that I had a blast! Great game, easy and quick to play.”

“I really like the way the cards are designed. Very visual and nice looking.”

“One look at Baseball Classics player cards and in 5 seconds I could already tell how to play!”