About Baseball Classics

Baseball Classics Baseball Board GameBaseball Classics® is a next generation baseball board game offering fans fast, easy, and statistically accurate play with any Major League Baseball teams from 1901 to present. We first started in the quaint, sprawling suburbs of Simi Valley, California over 30 years ago. One of the many great things about Major League Baseball is how long the game has been played. We wanted to capture the essence of that great history; hence our name Baseball Classics.

The logo has changed throughout the years. It now sports a handsome design that embraces throwback baseball elements with today’s modern play. Since the inception of Baseball Classics, we’ve offered every MLB team from 1901 to present. The logo’s backdrop includes an iconic baseball diamond and one of the oldest tools in all of sports history — a baseball bat.

Since 1987, five key values form Baseball Classics’ foundation for providing quality service to baseball fans worldwide. Our goal has always been to offer a remarkable baseball game experience where MLB fans feel like they are managing from the top step of the dugout!

  1. Easier – within a glance, anyone can see how to play 
  2. Faster – provide a swift playing experience that’s easy to play
  3. Pinpoint Accuracy – statistically accurate player outcomes based on actual MLB performance
  4. True Realism – virtually anything that can happen in an MLB game
  5. Flexibility – order any MLB team or season in our various baseball gameplay formats

Dean Patino

I’m Dean Patino the Founder of Baseball Classics. I grew up an avid baseball fan in Chicago.

During my youth, I played baseball outdoors as often as possible with my neighborhood buddies. Sometimes from sunrise to sundown. We all shared a great passion for America’s National Pastime.

Eventually, most of my neighborhood friends got together to play baseball board games. Each proudly “owning” our Major League Baseball teams. We took turns hosting evening or afternoon games at someone’s house. We rolled the dice — and sometimes our eyes — whenever the other guy had a lucky roll against a player card.

Years later after I’d moved to California, I wanted to play my baseball board games again. However, I’d left the games behind. I decided to create my own game that allowed me to play any MLB team dating back to 1901.

After mentioning my game to a colleague at work, I brought the prototype to the office so we could play during lunch. Soon after, I finished the design on a computer and named the game Baseball Classics. The first Baseball Classics baseball game was sold via mail order in 1987.

Baseball Classics went dormant in 1989. Eventually, it was redesigned from the ground up and relaunched in 2001. Based on the same long-standing qualities, the game continues to be easy, fast, and have statistically accurate results for true baseball realism.

Baseball Classics MagazineThe 2001 rollout introduced color-coded “traffic highlighting” to make it even easier to eyeball who’s who based on their season performance. Since then, our customers have ordered over 1 million player cards.

Thanks to candid feedback from many Baseball Classics customers throughout the years, we enhanced gameplay to create the easiest and fastest baseball board game with pinpoint statistical accuracy. Fans will enjoy playing for years to come!

In 2016 we published Baseball Classics Magazine which covers today’s latest stories, baseball history dating back to 1901, and many other baseball-related topics.

We’re thankful for all our Baseball Classics customers. We appreciate the many kind words and support. For those new to our great game, thanks for stopping by to take a look. Baseball Classics next generation baseball game delivers the closest experience to being on the top step of the dugout while managing all your favorite teams and players from 1901 to present. Our team aims to provide a high-quality baseball game for you — the beginner, intermediate, or expert baseball fan — to enjoy for the rest of your life.