How Do APBA Player Cards Compare To Baseball Classics?

“Are you serious that you charge $10 a team for each season? Apba charges $3.00 a team.”


Every once in a while we get an email with a comparison question to APBA or one of our other competitors.  This question is about a comparison to Baseball Classics Premium Edition MLB team player cards.  Of course not all MLB board games are created equally…


MLB Player Card Comparison


Baseball Classics: Fully Color-Coded Iconic ratings

APBA: Monochromatic ratings


Baseball Classics has 21 color-coded statistical categories including Sabermetrics

APBA has 10 monochromatic statistical categories


Baseball Classics: Plain English Baseball Terms (SINGLE, HOME RUN, Groundout, etc.)

APBA: Alphanumeric coded


Baseball Classics: Within one-millionth (6X6X6X6X2) dice roll combination possibilities

APBA: Uses “66” (6X6) dice roll combination possibilities

Real-time GM Advisor (recommends to who to play when, where)

Baseball Classics: Included on every player card

APBA: Does not have

Real-time pitching (balls, called strikes, foul balls, etc.)

Baseball Classics: Included on every player card

APBA: Does not have

Real-time Fielding (fielding range, arm strength)

Baseball Classics: Included on every player card

APBA: Does not have

vs. lefty/righty

Baseball Classics: Two-sided players card ratings with vs. Lefty/Righty & vs. Overall

APBA: One-sided player card ratings with only vs. Overall

ANY MLB TEAMS or seasons 1901-Present & all-time greats

Baseball Classics: Yes

APBA: Limited


Baseball Classics: Yes

APBA: Print only

Many other customers who made the switch from APBA or Strat-O-Matic are serious by purchasing Baseball Classics. Yes, we are serious.

And that’s just the player card difference! We don’t have bloated game play charting like APBA or game board, etc. $10/team is an excellent value when compared to APBA.

However, we believe everyone should choose to play the MLB board game they feel is best for them. If you want to pay $3/team for APBA with their limited, old 1950’s same style of play, we wish you the best. Meanwhile, our customers love playing Baseball Classics and find it worth it for those and many other reasons we could add above.

Side-By-Side Player Card Comparison


  • Fa
  • Twitt


  • Fa
  • Twitt

Close Up Look At Baseball Classics Premium Edition

Of course you make the call for which player cards you’d rather manage and play for your strategic MLB board game play.

Here’s a link to APBA’s website if you want further information about their game and here’s a link to learn more about Baseball Classics Premium Edition and Baseball Classics online store.

Whichever you prefer, enjoy many years of playing the greatest game ever invented, Major League Baseball!

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