Accurately simulated & projected last 6 World Series Champions (2018-2023)!

Premium Edition MLB Board Game Feature Set

you’ll feel like you’re managing from the top step of the dugout

Baseball Classics is designed from the ground up to give you and all baseball fans the ultimate fast, easy, accurate, and strategic MLB board game experience.

We have loads of customers who used to play Strat-O-Matic, APBA, and other competitor’s games who made the switch to playing Baseball Classics.

This isn’t your typical, chart-heavy, bloated, black & white MLB board game like those…we designed this for you, the authentic baseball gamer who wants the best, realistic, and strategic MLB game play with your choice of ANY teams you want 1901-Present!

Check out our full-feature list of everything you get when you play Baseball Classics Premium Edition where virtually anything that can happen in an MLB game can happen, we check all the boxes…

2 games in 1 with vs Lefty/Righty frontside, vs Overall backside
Up to 28-man rosters per team (16 position players & 12 pitchers)
Fully color-coded iconic MLB player ratings top to bottom on every card
Up to 4 color-coded fielding ratings for position players
Outfielders rated by Left, Center, Rightfield positions they played
Player cards loaded with 42 batter & pitcher stats w/Sabermetrics too
1-roll at bat outcomes with unique, fast & easy dice system design
Convenient poker card size player cards & game play chart cards
Smooth round-edge corners, making all cards easy to hold
Real-Time GM Advisor suggests who, where, when, & why to play’em
Real-Time Pitching balls, swinging & called strikes, fouls, wild pitch, & HBP
Real-Time Fielding player ratings based on range & arm strength
3 game play levels ages 8 to adult: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Color-coded iconic Bats, Throws, Bunt, Steal, & Run player ratings
Scorefield game board to track base runners, innings, score, and outs
Play Action Simulator w/virtually anything in an MLB game can happen
Classic wooden batter/pitcher iconic die & 4 six-sided colored dice
Field Manager’s Rulebook with game play instructions & examples

The difference between winning or losing

Real-Time GM Advisor

Baseball Classics Real-Time GM Advisor is a unique, innovative feature built into every MLB player card 1901-Present suggests which players to put in your lineup, where to bat them, who to start on the mound, bring off the bench or call in from the bullpen based on the game situation from the first to last out.

Naturally, statistics reveal a lot about each player.  However, many player statistics and results though never the same, are similar.  Baseball Classics color-coded player visual cues tell an even better story.  It helps you make the right managerial decisions at the right time, real time.  Using Real-Time GM Advisor is the difference between winning or losing.

Anyone familiar with 1927 New York Yankees, Babe Ruth knows he should start and bat in the heart of the lineup.  What about other player’s less familiar to most MLB fans?  That’s where GM Advisor really shines using green, yellow, blue, and red color-coded circles to visually indicate players that are your best to poor option vs. Lefty and vs. Righty.   These ratings are all relative to each team.  A player with a green circle indicator on one team may only be yellow if he played on another.

Visual Cues Suggest Who, Where, & When to Play’em

🟢  Best option to start in your lineup or bullpen stopper

🟡  Solid starter in your lineup, top pinch hit option, or later inning bullpen call

🔵  Suspect starter in your lineup, fair pinch hit option, or risky to bring in from the bullpen

🔴  Unreliable starter in your lineup, last resort pinch hit option, bullpen call to eat innings

Position Player Card Example

Sure, any MLB fan knows who, where, and when to play MLB superstars.  Even one’s dating back to 1901 such as Honus Wagner.  However there are tens of thousands of relatively unknown players on teams throughout MLB history.  Many in starting lineups most never heard of.  Perhaps you’ve heard of or even familiar with Dick Dietz, a member of the 1973 Atlanta Braves.  That season, the Braves lineup had remarkable Home Run power; Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, and Davey Johnson all hit 40 or more long ones.

And then there’s Dietz, a journeyman catcher/first baseman.  A career .261 hitter was playing in his 8th, final season of his MLB career.  He wound up batting .295 in 1973.  Should you typically start him in your lineup game after game or be a platoon player?  What about when there’s a righty on the mound or a lefty?

One look at Real Time GM Advisor Baseball Classics card suggests vs. Righties while you could start him, it’s better to bring him off the bench to pinch hit for the 8th or 9th player in your lineup.  However, vs. Lefties he’s a solid option to consider in your starting lineup batting 6th or 7th.  It’s not that Dietz shouldn’t ever start vs. Righties, he’s just not your best option on this team while vs. Lefties you should move him up in your lineup to 6th or 7th as a better option there.

Pitcher Player card Example

On the mound, Real-Time GM Advisor suggests who are your ace,  most reliable starters, and back of the rotation pitchers.  When it comes to making calls to the bullpen, you’ll also see who your closers are, setup men, and middle relief choices.

Real-Time GM Advisor doesn’t stop there, as with position players, it categories pitchers using valuable visual color-coded cues.  It does the hard work for you by using a number of algorithms to decipher which pitchers vs. Lefty/Righty are your best to least effective options as listed in the prior descriptions.

Here’s another lesser known pitcher, Clem Labine.   He spent most of his career with the Dodgers, finishing up with a career 3.63 ERA.  Before closers were in fashion, Clem had a couple good years leading the National League in saves in 1956 and 1957.  In this example, we’re featuring his Baseball Classics 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Classics card vs. Lefty/Righty.

As a right-handed pitcher, he had great success vs. right-handed batters as indicated by his green visual cue vs R.  However, when it comes to facing left-handed hitters, think twice with a blue cue.

On the Flip Side

Real-Time GM Advisor is front and back of every Premium Edition card.

It suggests where to bat position players in your lineup and which ones to start or are best suited in a platoon role.

Pitchers are ranked as Ace starters, Reliable Starters, bottom half of the rotation, or bullpen/spot starters.  In addition, relievers are categorized by Closer, Setup men, just bullpen guys for middle relief roles.

On the flip side, Real-Time GM Advisor suggests 1973 Braves, Dietz is a platoon starter to bat 8th or 9th and Labine is ideal in a Setup role  for the 1955 Dodgers.

Thats just for starters…Here’s everything else!

From newbie to expert MLB fan Baseball Classics next generation game play is designed for everyone!  Since 1987 we’ve been shipping Baseball Classics MLB board game worldwide to fans of all ages 8 & up.  That’s well over 2 million color-coded Baseball Classics player cards MLB fans have been enjoying to manage and play.  Our gaming engine is second to none and time-tested over the decades providing amazing realistic outcomes including full season replays by many of our customers.  Take a look at all the game play action you get with Baseball Classics.  Each feature is categorized by 1 of 3 game play levels you can choose from.  No matter what your level of MLB game play comfort is, you’ll be familiar with and get the action you want each and every game!

3 Authentic Play Levels: Age 8 To Adult Expert

Perfect for youth baseball players


Designed for those new to MLB.  Incorporates just the basics of baseball game play.  Getting to know about their favorite MLB players and team. Super fast, easy play.  9-inning games typically played in 12-15 minutes.

Singles, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs

Walks and Strikeouts

Groundouts, Flyouts, Popouts, Lineouts

Force outs

Double and Triple Plays

Scorefield game board to keep score, innings, outs, and track base runners

Great for casual MLB fans


Everything in Beginner level plus those who know essential baseball fundamentals and want to use key game play strategies.  Want to expand your knowledge of MLB teams and players. 9-inning games typically played in 15-20 minutes.

Bunting, all types

Base Stealing

Advancing base runners

Team or individual fielding

Advanced individual fielding

Pitching Rest

Showdown manager

Made for those with MLB expertise


Everything in Basic and Intermediate. For MLB experts who want it all in strategic managerial decision making real-time where virtually anything can happen.  9-inning games played 20 mins to 2+ hours depending on options you use in this level.

Real-Time Pitching with balls, swing & miss strikes, called strikes, foul balls, wild pitches, & hit by pitch

Real-Time Fielding based on fielder's range & arm strength

Pitching Fatigue

Pitch out

Pickoff Attempt/Holding Base Runner


Infield in

Hit & run

Contact play

Argument with Umpire


Passed Ball

Dropped Third Strike

Catcher's Interference

Weather conditions

Wind blown foul balls

Home Runs robbed

Player injury

Rain Delay/Rainout

Instant Replay

Crowd Noise

Player Ejections

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

“I love the game! every season available quick fast play excellent quality cards I recently received two seasons and just ordered 7 more! The game delivers every promise you made. Thanks for making such a great game!”

Rich Gusman

Baseball Classics customer

“Thank you for a game that I actually enjoy more than Strat-O-Matic. You guys make the best game out there.”

Scott Jenkins

Baseball Classics customer

Have been playing board baseball games since 1963.  Your game is not only fun, it is accurate, quick, and outstanding in it’s appearance. The fact that I can get any team or league since 1901 is amazing.”

David Urban

Baseball Classics

Next Gen Game Parts

Color-Coded, Ideal Size Next Gen Game Parts

Color-Coded Game Chart Cards

Baseball Classics isn’t an old black & white, chart-heavy, over-sized bloated charts like most of our competitors.  Instead, you get color-coded, streamlined game play design.  Game play chart cards are the same standard poker card size as our next generation player cards. Super convenient to play and tuck away in between games.

Scorefield Game Board

Track base runners, outs, innings and the score with Baseball Classics Scorefield Game Board that comes with every boxed game. Upgrade to our unshakable magnetized version to ensure everything stays in place throughout your game play.

Next Generation Game Dice

Each Baseball Classics boxed game comes with a classic iconic wooden die that matches batter and pitcher player cards, plus 4 six-sided multi-colored dice for fast playing single-roll results!

Deluxe Game Box

Beautifully designed full color Baseball Classics game box perfectly holds all your next generation color-coded game parts and up 30 MLB team player cards.

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Baseball Classics

Enjoy Next Generation MLB board game play with your choice of any teams 1901-Present featuring real-time authentic, fast, easy, statistically realistic player outcomes!

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