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Baseball Classics® next generation board game simulated all the action playing real-time in the MLB ballparks of each home team based on the actual starting pitchers and lineups submitted to MLB by both teams for the 2018 MLB World Series.  The simulation for each game was played using Baseball Classics 2018 Season Split Lefty-Righty Player Card Boxed Game Edition (shipping November 14th) and Baseball Classics Real-Time Ballparks where virtually anything can happen in an MLB game, both featuring next generation color-coded ratings.

The projections were emailed to thousands of MLB fans prior to each 2018 World Series game conclusion.

Baseball Classics® accurately projected the World Series winner Boston Red Sox, number of games (4-1), and number of total runs scored by each team (off by only 1).

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Once again, it is more proof on the amazing accuracy and true realism Baseball Classics® next generation board games provide MLB fans to enjoy!

Projection Summary by Baseball Classics

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2018 Projected World Series Runs:  Red Sox 28  Dodgers 15
2018 Actual World Series Runs:   Red Sox 28  Dodgers 16

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You’ll find the complete game-by-game Baseball Classics 2018 World Series recap below and inside FREE Baseball Classics Magazine October issue.

[Simulated Results]
Baseball Classics World Series Game 5

Red Sox at Dodgers
Boston goes down in the 1st without a run off Kershaw.  The Dodgers would come out scratching their way to putting the first run of the game on the board thanks to a bit of wildness by Price who walked Freese and Machado.  Muncy smacked a 2-out Double to drive in Freese!  Then a costly passed ball error by BoSox Catcher, Christian Vazquez allowed Machado to scamper across home plate.

Top 2nd, 2-0 Dodgers

Kershaw fanned 5 batters in the first 2 innings.  Things were going smoothly until Vazqueze atoned for his error with a leadoff Single in the 3rd.  Price sacrificed him over with a bunt.  Then AL MVP candidate Mookie Betts laced a Double to score Vazquez!  Betts is virtually unstoppable by lefties.  Kershaw registered another strikeout as Benintendi whiffed, but Pearce lined a 2-out base hit to easily bring home the tying run.

Mid 3rd, knotted up at 2-2.

In the Boston 7th, with Devers gets on base with a 1-out Single against Kershaw.  Vazquez lines out and Price is lifted for a pinch hitter Moreland.  He draws a walk and that would finish the night for Kershaw.  Dodgers reliever Josh Fields comes in to make Betts face a righty.  Yet, Betts singles sharply to center.  Hernandez races on and makes the throw home and nails Devers attempting to score.  Inning over, game still tied at 2!

Heading into the 7th, still tied at 2 a piece!

Boston reliever Joe Kelly comes in for Price.  Dodgers get a man on with 1 out, but pinch hitter Bellinger and Freese can’t keep things going.

End 7, 2-2.

As with many World Series contests with 1 team’s back to the wall, emotions can and will run wild at some point.  Nerves, pressure, etc. are abundant.  Benintendi faces new reliever Maeda who gives up the dreaded leadoff walk.  Pearce singles, Benintendi races around to get to 3rd base and Hernandez makes the throw in an attempt to get him, but he’s safe.  Pearce waltzes over to 2nd on the throw.  Now the Red Sox have runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs!  Martinez gets fooled on a Maeda pitch to strike out.  Bogaerts steps up and knocks in the go ahead run with a hard hit base hit to left!  Runners on 1st and 3rd, 1-out.  Holt walks.  Bases loaded.  Can Maeda get out of this jam without further damage?  Devers lifts a Flyball to left field, where Max Muncy moved over in a shift.  He botches it for a 2-run error!  Maeda would retired the next 2 BoSox hitters, but the damage was done.

Heading into the bottom of the 8th, Red Sox 5, Dodgers 2.

LA went down mildly the next 2 innings while facing the combination of Kelly, Sale, and Kimbrel.  We project Boston wins Game 5 and the 2018 World Series!

Final Score: Red Sox 5, Dodgers 2
Actual Score: Red Sox 5, Dodgers 1


How it Was Played
We used Baseball Classics 2018 MLB Season Splits Edition Player Cards, Play Action Simulator, Web Scorefield game board, and Baseball Classics Real-Time Ballparks playing in Dodger Stadium. It took just over 45 minutes to complete this World Series Game 5 clincher. This game included 6 pitching changes, and 3 pinch hitters.


[Simulated Results]
Baseball Classics World Series Game 4

Red Sox at Dodgers
Desperately needing a win in pivotal Game 4, LA will pull out the stops.  Things get rolling in the 2nd for them thanks to a leadoff walk to soon to be lucrative Free Agent,Manny Machado.  Bellinger and Puig weakly Popout and Flyout.  With 2-outs, as has been the case throughout this 2018 World Series, it’s another big clutch scoring Home Run!  This time by Chris Taylor to spot the Dodgers with an early lead.

Top 3rd, 2-0 Dodgers.

Dodgers hurler Rich Hill is dealing through 3.  Now in the 4th, Vazquez gets on with a 1-out Single.  Boston pitcher “ERod” pops it up for the 2nd out.  Betts finally gets Boston going by slamming a 2-out Triple to cut the lead in half.  Benintendi flies out to end the inning.

Mid 4th, 2-1 Dodgers.

Moving ahead to the Dodgers half of the 5th inning, Max Muncy drives a ball for a 2-out Double.  Justin Turner delivers in the clutch as he has so many times with another two-bagger to score Muncy.  Machado hits a fly ball out to end the inning.

End of 5, Red Sox 1, Dodgers 3.

Maeda enters the game in the 7th to face Boston’s number 5 hitter, Bogaerts.  He loses him to a walk.  Nunez lines out.  Then lefty Alex Wood comes in to face left-handed batter Holt who singles to put the tying runs on 1st and 2nd.  With right-handed batter Vazquez due up next, Dodger’s closer Jansen comes in.  This brings in Jackie Bradley Jr. as a pinch-hitter.  Bradley wins the battle by loading the bases with a short Single.  With Boston’s pitcher due up, Moreland pinch hits.  Moreland draws a Walk to make it a 3-2 ballgame, Red Sox back to within 1 run.  Betts faces Jansen.  Power against power.  Betts belts a deep drive for a grand slam to give Boston their first lead of the game in the top of the 8th!  1 batter later, with 2 outs, Pearce greets Jansen with another blast for an insurance run homer.

Dodgers in big trouble heading into the 8th,  Red Sox 8, Dodgers 3.

Kimbrel would keep LA’s bats quiet to lock down the win for Boston to take a 3 games to 1 lead in the 2018 World Series.

Final Score: Red Sox 8, Dodgers 3
Actual Score: Red Sox 9, Dodgers 6

How it Was Played
We used Baseball Classics 2018 MLB Season Splits Edition Player Cards, Play Action Simulator, and Web Scorefield game board.  It took just over 25 minutes to complete this World Series Game 4 stunning come from behind blow out. This game included 6 pitching changes, and 4 pinch hitters.


[Simulated Results]
Baseball Classics World Series Game 3

Red Sox at Dodgers
Boston couldn’t get anything going in the top half of the 1st, but LA put one run on the board with a sac fly by Max Muncy to score Joc Pederson!

Top 2nd, 1-0 Dodgers

In the top of the 2nd the Red Sox would strike back scoring their first runs of the game. After Christian Vazquez got on base, it was pitcher Rick Porcello coming up in the number 9 spot. A good hitter in his own right, Porcello laced a singleto put two runners on for Mookie Betts. With 2 outs, Betts did the unthinkable again, blasting a 3 run homer! The Red Sox continue their streak of clutch hits with 2 outs!

Bottom 2nd, 3-1 Red Sox

In the top of the 3rd Boston threatened again with a leadoff double by J.D. Martinez. But both he was stranded after a flyout, strikeout and groundout. 

In the bottom of the 5th LA came storming back. Starting with Joc Pederson, they hit 4 straight singles! Reliever Joe Kelly walked in the tying run to make it even. The Dodgers had the bases loaded with no outs! But Kelly calmed down and struck out the next 3 batters. 

Top 6th, tied at 3

In the bottom of the 7th Matt Barnes was now pitching for Boston. He allowed a leadoff walk to Manny Machado and a single to Cody Bellinger. But he induced a popout and 2 strikeouts to end the inning. 

Top 8th, locked in at 3

In Boston’s half of the 8th, Xander Boegarts started off with a single off of Kenta Maeda. Mitch Moreland followed with one of his own putting two men on with 0 outs. Maeda got Martinez to popout bringing up Brock Holt. The left-handed batter launched a 3 run homer off of Maeda to put Boston on top!

Bottom 8th, 6-3 Red Sox

LA made a comeback in the 8th, scoring 1 run off of lefty reliever Brian Johnson. Now Craig Kimbrel was brought in to stop the damage. He struck out Bellinger and Puig to end the threat. 

After 8 innings, 6-4 Red Sox

In the top of the 9th Boston continued to make noise. With the bases loaded and with 2 outs, Brock Holt was back at the plate against Pedro Baez. He drew a walk to add another run to Boston’s lead. 

Bottom of the 9th, 7-4 Red Sox

Although pinch hitter Kike Hernandez got a 2 out single off Kimbrel, the Dodgers couldn’t add any more hits off the ace closer. 

Final Score: Red Sox 7, Dodgers 4
Actual Score: Red Sox 2, Dodgers 3

How it Was Played
We used Baseball Classics 2018 MLB Season Splits Edition Player Cards printed with  the Play Action Simulator. It took just under 35 minutes to complete this World Series Game 3 showdown. This game included 7 pitching changes, and 4 pinch hitters.


[Simulated Results]
Baseball Classics World Series Game 2

Dodgers at Red Sox
Machado doubled with Freese on 1st to get things moving for the Dodgers.  However, due to the strong arm of Bradley Jr. and the slow base running of Freese it was runners on 2nd and 3rd with 2 outs.  Price fanned Taylor to keep the game scoreless.

Dodgers’ starter Ryu walked lead-off man Betts in the bottom of the 1st.  He then swiped 2nd.  Yet Benintendi and Pearce couldn’t bring him home.  With Martinez due up, he was given a free pass, but Bogaerts drew a walk to load them up.  Devers delivered with a 2-out single up the middle to plate two!

End of 1, Dodgers 0, Red Sox 2. 

Things were fairly quiet after that for both clubs.  It didn’t help that Betts was picked off first in the Red Sox 2nd inning.

Fast forward to the Dodgers 4th.  Taylor greeted Price with a single to start the inning.  Kemp followed that with grounder base hit into centerfield.  Taylor was hustling and attempted to take the extra base at 3rd, but Bradley Jr. threw him out on a close play!  LA called for a instant replay review.  The decision was over turned, Taylor was instead ruled safe.  Barnes cashed in with an RBI single to cut the score in half.

Middle 4th, Dodgers 1, Red Sox 2.

In the bottom 4, Boston came right back.  Vazquez rocketed a Double and the hot-hitting Betts (especially against lefties) smoked a Double of his own to push the lead back to 2 runs.

End of 4, Dodgers 1, Red Sox 3.

Through 5 innings, Boston started David Price danced around trouble.  He was helped with a pitcher’s best friend.  Number 3 hitter Freese hit into not one, but two double plays along the way.  As we move into the 6th inning, Chris Taylor ropes a Price pitch over the Green Monster!

Middle 6, Dodgers 2, Boston 3.

Ryu only lasted 4 2/3 innings due to a short leash with the Dodgers down in the series 1-0.  Now it was up to the Dodgers bullpen to hold the fort and keep the game close.  Maeda and Baez did just that.  Meanwhile Price settled down after giving up the Taylor long ball to last 6 2/3.  Boston reliever Joe Kelly retired Turner to end the Dodgers 7th.

Top 8, Dodgers 2, Red Sox 3.

Freese atoned for his double plays by leading off the 8th with a knock.  That brought up clean-up hitter, Manny Machado.  Kelly remained in and Machado stunned the Fenway Crowd with a blast to left center to give LA their first lead of the night!

Mid 8, Dodgers 4, Red Sox 3.

Boston is resilient.  LA reliever Fields is in the game.  Devers led off their 8th with a base hit.  Kinsler sacrificed him over to 2nd with only 1-out.  Jackie Bradley Jr. hit a hot grounder into right field for a Single.  Devers was racing home, but Puig came up throwing and nailed him at the plate on a short-hop throw!  Fields get Vazquez to Popout to Turner.  Enter Jansen to face Betts and he got him to Popout too.

Kimbrel came in for Boston to hold Los Angeles, but walked the lead-off batter Dozier and gave up a Single to Turner.  Then Kimbrel struck out Freese, Machado, and Taylor to end the threat.  Phew!

Boston managed to get the tying run on base in the 9th, but Jansen shut the door for the save and get the series back even.

Final Score: Dodgers 4, Red Sox 3
Actual Score: Dodgers 2, Red Sox 4

How it Was Played
We used Baseball Classics 2018 MLB Season Splits Edition Player Cards printed with  the Play Action Simulator, and Baseball Classics Real-Time Ballparks in Fenway Park. It took just under 55 minutes to complete this World Series Game 2 showdown. This game included 8 pitching changes, and 3 pinch hitters.


[Simulated Results]
Baseball Classics World Series Game 1
Dodgers at Red Sox

Two very likely future Hall of Famers facing off, as Kershaw and Sale take the mound in Fenway Park. What a classic match-up!

This game was filled with excitement throughout including a couple blasts over the Green Monster on a crisp, Fall evening in Boston.

Perhaps it was pitching in his first World Series game, whatever it was, Sale was jittery in the top of the 1st walking himself into trouble. However, Sale wiggled out of any damage by striking out the side.

Kershaw racked up a couple of K’s himself to keep Boston quiet.

End of 1, no score.

LA went down in order in the 2nd. Boston electrified the home town crowd in their half by going back-to-back with home runs! J.D. Martinez led off with a 420 foot deep drive to center to put the Red Sox up 1-0. Bogaerts followed that with a drive over the Green Monster off Kershaw. The inning ended when Kershaw whiffed Leon and Bradley Jr.

End of 2, 2-0 Red Sox

In the top of the 5th, after Turner pasted a Double, David Freese drove him home with a ground ball single up the middle that was just far enough out of reach for Bradley Jr. to have a shot at throwing out Turner. Sale fanned Machado to end the Dodgers inning.

Kershaw struck out Leon and got Bradley to hit a weak groundout to Freese playing at First. Betts worked a walk from Kershaw and Benintendi showed he has more than just excellent glove work in his arsenal. Benintendi smashed a centerfield 2-run Home Run about 15 feet shy of where Martinez planted his earlier!

After 5 innings, 4-1 Red Sox

Moving to the Dodgers 6th inning, Sale gave up a lead-off single to Barnes. Though after that both Dozier and Turner were strikeout victims. Sale stayed in the face Freese and gave up his 3rd straight Single to him to bring up the tying run. Right-hander Kelly came in to relieve Sale and face the righty Machado, but lost him to a walk. With the bases loaded and Chris Taylor due up, LA pinch hit with lefty Max Muncy. Boston responded by bringing in the lefty Johnson. The stage was set. Muncy was over powered and struck out to leave the bases loaded!

Top 7, 4-1 Red Sox

In the bottom of the 7th Boston, J.D. Martinez struck out against Kershaw, but he surrendered a Single to Bogaerts who moved to 2nd on a passed ball error by Barnes. After getting Devers out on a ground out scored 3-1 on the put out, Kinsler came through with another 2-out score for the Red Sox with a base hit to drive in the run.

7 innings played, 5-1 Red Sox

The top of the 8th, Puig hit a 2-out pitch against Johnson over the Green Monster to put Los Angeles back within 3 runs. In the Boston 8th, they threatened with a Single by Betts who was balked into scoring position, but left stranded by reliever Maeda.

After 8 innings, Dodgers 2, Red Sox 5

Kimbrel finished things up for Boston to notch the save by allowing 1 walk and recording a strikeout of Machado and a Game 1 victory!

Final Score: Dodgers 2, Red Sox 5
ACTUAL:  Dodgers 4, Red Sox 8

How it Was Played
We used Baseball Classics 2018 MLB Season Splits Edition Player Cards printed with the Play Action Simulator, and Baseball Classics Real-Time Ballparks in Fenway Park. It took just under 55 minutes to complete this World Series Game 1 showdown. This game included 4 pitching changes, and 1 pinch hitter.

It’s “no sale” for the Dodgers tonight! Baseball Classics projects Boston will delight Beantown with a World Series Game 1 win tonight using the long ball while Sale will be tough to score against.

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