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Deluxe BoxED GAME PARTS, Color-Coded Poker Size Player & GAME PLAY Chart Cards

When you choose to get Baseball Classics shipped to you, you’ll receive high quality production.

Baseball Classics colorful design throughout incorporates a throwback feel blended with today’s modern era of MLB.

You’ll love our high quality professionally manufactured game box designed by our talented graphic artist.  It’s just the right size at 9″X6″X2.9″ to hold a full MLB season set up to 30 Baseball Classics MLB team player and full set of game parts.

We’ve shipped Baseball Classics games to MLB fans all over the world. You’ll be in great company when you decide to have yours shipped too!

Color-Coded Player & Game Play Chart Cards

Shipped to you on sturdy card stock you can conveniently hold in your hand the size of standard size poker cards.

Each Baseball Classics player card beautiful color-coded design emphasizes their strengths and weaknesses. Get any MLB teams or full seasons you want 1901-Present!

Unlike our competitors who provide monochrome, bloated, chart heavy game play, Baseball Classics has streamlined color-coded Game Play Chart Cards.

All Baseball Classics cards are manufactured full color front to back, top to bottom with smooth rounded corners ensuring the ultimate visiual game play experience.


Baseball Classics game dice are the heart and soul of our next generation, real-time game play.  Throwback wooden iconic batter/pitcher die along with six-sided color-coded dice reveal a story to be told on every player card and game play chart card.

Yet, there’s more.  You also get Baseball Classics Scorefield Game Board and transparent chips to track the score, innings, outs, and base runners.

Also, a full set of color-coded Game Play Chart Cards including our popular Play Action Simulator, Field Manager’s Rulebook (game play instructions), Scorecard, & Showdown Manager!

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$ave With Print & Play

When you choose to get Baseball Classics Print & Play, you get the exact same next generation, real-time color-coded MLB player cards in PDF form emailed to you.

There are 2 rows with 4 color-coded MLB player cards on each page.

Premium Edition includes both frontside (vs. overall ratings/stats) and backside (vs. Lefty/Righty ratings) with up to 28 player cards per MLB team.

Standard Edition includes frontside (vs. overall ratings/stats) with up to 24 player cards per MLB team.

Get any MLB teams or full seasons 1901-Present in the game edition what you want while saving when you order Baseball Classics Print & Play format.

Beautiful color-coded print & play design

When you order Baseball Classics Print & Play format, you also can get any MLB teams or full seasons 1901-Present you want!

You’ll receive an email with your Print & Play MLB teams in a PDF file.  Simly download, Print & Play them available in Premium or Standard Edition.

Each page prints perfectly on standard size 8 1/2″ X 11″ paper.  With dashed lines around each player card, easily trim them out too if you’d like.

All Print & Play player cards are the exact same as our printed Baseball Classics player cards!

They are priced lower than our printed player cards as we pass that savings from our manufacturing over to you.

FREE PRINT & Play full set of game play Parts!

You can get our complete set of Baseball Classics game parts to Print & Play too.

We didn’t leave anything out!  You’ll get complete set of  Baseball Classics Game Play Chart Cards, Scorefield Game Board, Scoresheet, Field Manager’s Rulebook, Pitcher Batting Cards (use when not playing with a DH), Showdown Manager, plus our innovative Dice Cards!

Baseball Classics Dice Cards can be used anytime to play Baseball Classics when you don’t have our classic dice set or need to play quietly somewhere (without the roll of dice). Simply shuffle, turn, and flip over to reveal each roll.

Always FREE and AVAILABLE to you on our website here.

Drag-n-Drop, Point & Click It

Web Game On Demand

We’ve taken Baseball Classics next generation, real-time industry leading MLB board game play to the web!

The benefit for you is to take advantage of modern devices you use everyday loaded with features that make your game play even better.

Baseball Classics Web Game On Demand app can be played in your web browser on just about any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

Our Web Game On Demand design gives you drag-n-drop lineup/pitching changes, animated dice rolls, Umpire Clicker to update the score, innings, outs, balls & strikes from just about any screen and it automatically syncs to the Scorefield Game Board, plus Base Running Scorebug Edition, and a built-in Scoresheet you can use to track every play (even download and print on devices that support those features)!

All Game Play Chart Cards and Pitcher Batting Cards are included too.  You also get access to the complete Field Manager’s Rulebook and Web Game On Demand Rulebook.  It gets even better and easier as embedded throughout your game play awaiting you are Coaching Tips providing hints and ways to use features wherever you’re at.

Choose from various game sets we offer such as the 20th Century Greats, All-Time Old-Timers, and more coming soon.

Rosters are displayed within Visitor or Home Dugouts containing the historic MLB teams you choose to play.  Web Game On Demand games feature iconic MLB teams and players 1901-Present!


20th Century Greats – Set 1

1901 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1919 Chicago White Sox, 1927 New York Yankees, 1934 St. Louis Cardinals, 1945 Chicago Cubs, 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers, 1968 Detroit Tigers, 1973 Oakland Athletics, 1985 Kansas City Royals, 1995 Atlanta Braves

20th Century Greats – Set 2

1908 Chicago Cubs, 1917 Boston Red Sox, 1922 St. Louis Browns, 1933 New York Giants, 1948 Cleveland Indians, 1957 Milwaukee Braves, 1961 New York Yankees, 1975 Cincinnati Reds, 1982 St. Louis Cardinals, 1991 Minnesota Twins

20th Century Greats – Set 3

1903 Boston Americans, 1912 New York Giants, 1925 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1939 New York Yankees, 1940 Cincinnati Reds, 1954 Cleveland Indians, 1969 New York Mets, 1970 Baltimore Orioles, 1980 Philadelphia Phillies, 1994 Montreal Expos

All-Time Old-Timers Greats

AL: Cobb, Collins, Ruth, Gehrig, Williams, Foxx, Cochrane, Appling, Kaline, Dickey, Robinson, Goslin, Baker, Cronin, Lajoie, Speaker,  Johnson, Young, Feller, Newhourser, Palmer, Gomez, Grove, Pierce, Wood, Hoyt, Marberry, Wilhelm.
NL: Rose, Robinson, Mays, Aaron, Musial, Mathews, Wagner, Bench, Terry, Snider, Banks, Mize, Ott, Traynor, Maranville, Campanella, Mathewson, Hubbell, Drysdale, Rixey, Jenkins, Alexander, Niekro, Gibson, Brown, Spahn, Face, McGraw

Baseball Classics

Enjoy Next Generation MLB board game play with your choice of any teams 1901-Present featuring real-time authentic, fast, easy, statistically realistic player outcomes!

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