“Thank you for a game that I actually enjoy more than Strat-O-Matic. You guys make the best game out there.”
— Scott Jenkins, Baseball Classics customer


MLB board gamers are tired of playing outdated, black & white, text based, chart heavy, slow playing baseball board games with a limited amount of teams to choose from.  Baseball Classics changed all that with a design from the ground up incorporating next generation, real-time game playability for MLB fans 8 to over 80!

Since then, MLB board gamers worldwide have made Baseball Classics their #1 choice playing any teams they want 1901-Present with our color-coded designed player cards featuring next generation, real-time game play.  Order from our one-stop online store and put together the game you want or simply add more MLB teams 1901-Present!

We not only designed Baseball Classics for the fastest, easiest color-coded game play; it also has proven time and time again to be produce the most statistically accurate MLB player outcomes with our 1-column, 1-roll design.  Our gaming engine has been tested millions of times to ensure amazing player performance accuracy.

With our next generation fully color-coded player ratings, in a glance their strengths and weaknesses are revealed.  We didn’t stop there, each Baseball Classics MLB player card has 21 statistical categories provided on each player card.  These are color-coded too!

Wait, there’s even more that separates Baseball Classics far from any other competitor’s MLB board game.  We’ve embedded Real-Time Pitching and Lineup Advisor in every Baseball Classics color-coded player card.  Each one is conveniently standard poker card size that everyone is accustomed to holding with smooth rounded corners.

Next Generation Player Cards

We have invested decades into developing Baseball Classics’ play and design. We provide you the best experience on the market for playing with your favorite MLB teams and players. We’re fast, easy, accurate, and have realistic baseball gameplay.

One look at Baseball Classics Baseball Game and in 5 seconds you already know how to play.”  — Rick Zak

Each MLB player’s result is based on decades of testing algorithms to ensure incredibly high accuracy (up to one-millionth percentile) of their actual statistical performance. We simplified gameplay using colorful, easy-to-read “traffic highlighting” ratings.

Choose from either our Standard Player Cards or Premium (Lefty vs. Righty and vs. Both!) Player Cards Editions streamlined design with our next generation fully color-coded player ratings.

Every Baseball Classics next generation player card contains more MLB stats than any other tabletop baseball board game on the market. You’re fully informed when making lineup decisions.

It’s easy to handle either of our our double-sided, fully color-coded rating player cards are the size of a standard poker card (3 1/2″ by 2 1/2″) . This enhances the speed of your gameplay. Our cards are portable — just grab and go! You’ll always enjoy playing Baseball Classics. Anywhere. Anytime.

Choose from 2 next generation game player card editions: Premium (2 games in 1; color-coded ratings based on overall performance and the other side vs color-coded ratings based on Lefty & vs Righty performance) and  Standard (color-coded ratings based on overall performance). Only Baseball Classics offers this amount of complete MLB board game design flexibility to choose the style that suits them best and shipped to you.  Both editions are available to order to Print & Play and some are available to play in our online game designed for a superior phone, table, laptop, or desktop game play experience!

Next Generation MLB Realism

Baseball Classics next generation board game play incorporates virtually anything that can happen in an MLB game with realistic outcomes.  Play any MLB Teams in any MLB Ballparks 1901-Present!

Players perform as they did on the field based on color-coded ratings developed using hundreds of time-tested, computer generated algorithms and code.

Next Generation Game Design

Baseball Classics next generation fully color-coded game design approach is a complete MLB board game changer giving fans the easiest and fastest board game play with statistically accurate results based on truly authentic play.

This combination is unmatched by any other baseball board game company.

And that’s just the tip of why Baseball Classics next generation game design winning more fans over from them every year.

Next Generation Ease

Everything is easier in color.

Baseball Classics has fully color-coded ratings and icons for batting, bunting, stealing, base running, fielding, and pitching.

Our Game Play Chart is fully color-coded, requires far less look-ups, is not ginormous or text-based like most competitors still stuck in the 1950’s and 1960’s with their dull and complicated look.

Next Generation Speed

Faster is better.

We know baseball board game fans want to play more games in less time with MLB realism.

Unlike competitors, our next generation MLB board game play eliminates excessive dice rolls and obsessive chart look-ups that take up your valuable playing time.

To accomplish this, we streamlined player ratings in Baseball Classics based on a single-column (or row with our Team Charts format) to instantly reveal outcomes for batters and pitchers and use a highly efficient six-sided and binary dice gaming system that generates multiple outcomes in a single roll.

Next Generation Accuracy

Realistic player outcomes are everything.  In Baseball Classics, MLB players perform as they did on the field hitting, pitching, fielding, stealing, base running, throwing, and bunting based on color-coded ratings developed using hundreds of time-tested, computer generated algorithms and code.

All vital MLB player statistics are taken into account to ensure every Baseball Classics player performs as they did that season. Over the decades, we’ve generated hundreds of algorithms based on statistical data to generate highly accurate individual ratings.

These are then translated into probabilities using our next generation dice system to provide results that best match players’ actual performance displayed through color-coded ratings providing true outcomes.

Learn about Baseball Classics pinpoint  statistical accuracy.  Yes, we show and prove how this is accomplished without requiring more than  one column of player results!

Next Generation Flexibility

Play any MLB Teams in any Ballparks 1901-Present!

Only Baseball Classics offers gameplay with any MLB teams or seasons in any MLB ballparks 1901-Present.

This wide selection of players and teams give baseball fans ultimate flexibility when deciding lineups and strategy.

Choose from all 118 MLB seasons; that’s over 2,500 MLB teams with over 60,000 players. No two Baseball Classics player ratings are alike.

Next Generation Quality

We honor you and the National Pastime with full color premium quality.

Baseball Classics products are a worthwhile investment.  We don’t believe MLB fans want text-based, mostly black & white products in today’s modern age where products  and services are constantly enhanced.

With keen attention to detail, we produce our premium game parts using high-quality materials. We’ve provided over 1 million player cards to our customers throughout the years. Our beautifully designed full color-coded player cards feature smooth, rounded corners and are printed dual-sided in vibrant colors.  Team Charts arrive beautifully packaged, printed on elite high-gloss stock.

Your Baseball Classics player cards MLB team sets arrive sorted by MLB team, banded, and wrapped so you can instantly get started with your next generation baseball game play.

All Baseball Classics game parts are also in full color. Our game boxes are professionally designed by our talented graphic artist. Each shipment is hand-packed with care, so your order arrives in perfect condition.

No other baseball game on the market looks and plays this great!

Next Generation Formats

Baseball Classics is well known for our beautiful, next generation game design.

Player Cards feature a next generation color-coded player rating system. Fans enjoy Baseball Classics statistical accuracy and use the same game parts, color-coded rating system, dice, and other features with both formats!

You can always be sure the same great gameplay that’s fast, easy, accurate, and authentic to real MLB games — no matter which style you choose to play. It’s the ultimate in flexibility for baseball fans playing our next generation baseball board game!

Next Generation Ordering

Looking to play your favorite MLB teams of all time or settle classic rivalries? How about a full MLB season replay? Are you eager to get your hands on the most current MLB season cards?

Imagine the exciting game possibilities with access to any MLB teams from 1901-Present!  No other tabletop baseball board game offers this remarkable opportunity.

We offer the most flexible ways for baseball fans to get what they want!

You can also download any MLB season from 1901 to present through our lifetime memberships inside Baseball Classics Cloud!

Next Generation Real-Time MLB Board Games

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